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Discover Luxury, elevated.

Contactless payment & multi-key device in the most elegant shape ever created

Only the privileged who feel the embrace of Armillion on their wrist are able to understand our nonconformist search for the essence of luxury and purity in the finest materials elevated to the limit with shapes never achieved before.

A revolutionary concept; a handcrafted jewel and a piece of wearable technology, the Armillion bracelet is the culmination of years in development and the passion of truly remarkable artisans.


Pay anywhere just approaching your wrist

Now, a gesture can pay anything you wish, anywhere you are. Armillion brings Contacless technology approved by Mastercard© to offer you highest value payments.

You will always be protected by the most advanced and safe encryption technology with a PIN validation for higher purchases.


Access to your home and supercar without keys

Armillion is equipped with proximity key-less technology that can easily link to the main security access systems installed by the main global brands.

For your supercar, Armillion can provide security access and unblock with an easy installation.

The ultimate technology for
secure payment and access,
with no batteries and no charge required

The technology

The legacy

Armillion is a brand both suffused in the technology of today and respectful of the past.
The traditions and legacies behind each bracelet are as valuable as the innovations that make it possible, a true amalgamation of luxury past and present.

Discover our Legacy

The outstanding craftsmanship of a team of jewelers, artisans, engineers and designers committed to perfection, brings to life a flawless bracelet that features cutting edge technology in financial services and security access.


The Jewel

Our team of engineers, artisans, jewellers and designers are committed to the perfection of a single, singular vision. Our aim has been to redefine the world of traditional men’s jewellery with an item of both immense worth and style.

With the Armillion bracelet we have succeeded.

Know the Jewel

The Collection

We created seven models combining High-Tech Ceramics, Yellow and Red Gold, Titanium and DLC, conforming a stunning range of 10 units limited edition bracelets, for Gentlemen that value simplicity in luxury.

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