A New Concept in Masculine Elegance

Our team of engineers, artisans, jewellers and designers are committed to the perfection of a single, singular vision. Our aim has been to redefine the world of traditional men’s jewellery with an item of both immense worth and style. With the Armillion bracelet we have succeeded.

A new symbol of wealth and power on the wrist of the selected elite, could only be created in Geneva, the heart of Switzerland most appreciated luxury-crafting industry.


The core, High-Tech Ceramic.

After more than 18 months of research and development, la Maison Armillion created a new concept with an advanced Zirconia estructure. Working with medical precision in one of the hardest materials in nature, we develop a new standard in luxury.

The High Tech Ceramic body of Armillion is virtually scratch-proof, with only a diamond posing a threat to its super hard surface. Still we went further, embellishing the deep black ceramic with a range of unique patterns and motifs that play with light in extraordinary fashion.


The Precious Metals, 18k Gold and Titanium.

No material is more luxurious than gold; none as associated with performance engineering as titanium. That’s why the ceramic Armillion bracelet can be found dressed in either advanced alloys of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold or titanium with a black DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating.

Synonymous as these materials are with luxury however, bonding them with ceramic was no mean feat. It took years of research, development and honing of their craft before the ateliers of Armillion were able to fashion the final result: a combination of engineering and jewellery the likes of which has never before been seen.


The Symbol of wealth and style.

With it’s bold, unerringly masculine design, reminiscent of both heroes of yore and the jet-setters of today, the Armillion bracelet is the finest way to dress an empty wrist. Pure lines and clean edges attest to the sheer precision of the engineering while the deep black ceramic and precious metals highlight the innate luxury of such mesmerising object.

The inspiration of nature and ancient cultures allowed the final product to glisten with complex geometry as well as engravings and designs, while maintaining a simple look. For the man that looks close enough, the Armillion bracelet gleams with opportunities.

The hypnotic shine of Gold,
the dark deepness of High Tech Ceramic,
embraced to create new objects of desire.


Be present in the birth of a new symbol of style and wealth just for a few chosen elite.

This is how Maison Armillion understands luxury design

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