An elegantly created combination of ornate materials.

We lead a team of jewelers, artisans, engineers and designers committed to perfection,
to develop and create a flawless bracelet that combines elegance and sobriety
while highlighting the nobility of the most luxurious materials.

A new symbol of wealth and power on the wrist of the selected elite, could only be created in Geneva, the heart of Switzerland most appreciated luxury-crafting industry.


The core of the beast, High-Tech Ceramic.

After more than 18 months of research and development, la Maison Armillion created a new conception in a High Tech Zirconia estructure. Working with medical precision in one of the hardest materials in nature, we develop a new standard in luxury.

The High Tech Ceramic body of Armillion is virtualy scratch-proof, only a diamond would be able to do it, but we went further with the application of a choice of designs that plays with light and give depth to our stunning material.


The tempting metals, Gold and Titanium.

From ancient time, Gold has been the most appreciated treasure on earth. It was present in the conquest of Empires, at Kings and Emperors coronations, and of course nowadays in the wrists of presidents and tycoons. Time can pass, but symbol stands.

New materials are also highly appreciated in luxury as a combination of durability, hardness and comfort. And from all of them, Titanium was the one chosen to represented the spirit we wanted to create in some Armillion models. With simple purity and a DLC coating (Diamond like carbon) Armillion flashes deep black color and a strong structure.


The new symbol of wealth and style.

We made a commitment to our customers: to make them want to wear a jewel for the first time, over cufflinks and watches. This challenge was even more exciting knowing that different cultures have a different vision of style, elegance and luxe.

We raised expectations with a conception that goes further in conventionalism and puts a new element on the wish list of stylish gentlemen around the world.


A design that dresses your empty wrist.

An international team of designers worked for more than two years in the conception of an outstanding bracelet, the purity of lines, the definition of clean edges and the ergonomics of the shapes. The result was a new icon to empower men´s wrists.

The inspiration of nature and ancient cultures allowed the final product to glisten with complex geometry as well as engravings and designs, while maintaining a simple look.

The hypnotic shine of Gold,
the dark deepness of High Tech Ceramic,
embraced to create new objects of desire.


Be present in the birth of a new symbol of style and wealth just for a few chosen elite.

This is how Maison Armillion understands luxury design

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