The legacy of

Welcome to Maison Armillion in Geneva,
the land of watchmakers, banks and jewels.

The first "Armilla" was created to honor the epic battlefield bravery of Roman soldiers, in the 2nd Centrury BC.


The legacy of the epic heroes

When conquering northern territories, Roman Generals had the opportunity to admire the bravery of Celtic tribe Kings and how they represent their epic legacy in golden bracelets that they wore with honor until their last exhale.

The Roman Army were so inspired, they created a new honor were designated to the bravest soldiers in battle. The "Armilla", a bracelet made in Gold or Bronze representing the epic of the battle or the story of a victory, became the most honorable ornament valiant men were proud to wear.


The land of watchmakers, bankers and jewelers

When artisan engineers, bankers and jewelers coexist for many centuries together, it only took one spark to produce the conception of a jewel, engineered as a precision watch, that provides financial services for payment

But not only this: when looking at the Geneva Coat of Arms, a huge key protected by a powerful eagle demonstrates how our land has always committed to security, safety and protection. This spirit is presented in Armillion´s security access features as a symbol of our culture for protection of the most valuable goods.


The tradition of ateliers and their "savoir faire"

French is the language of Luxury, and never have two universal and widely extended words -savoir faire- expressed so much complexity in a simple concept. Every Armillion is produced with the expertise of different Masters, that have a specific field where they highlight from the others: technical conception, gold refining, sapphire and ceramic machining, engraving and micro-assembling.

Every Armillion has a different spirit, born in the passionated hand-craftsmanship developed in the creation of every one. They are redefining the rules of the luxury, raising it to a higher stage.


At the service of Gentlemen

We have a long term tradition in creating the most complex, outstanding and elegant objects that distinguish dapper men. Those symbols were passing by Gentlemen generations as a family tradition with an atemporally beauty.

Our challenge was to create a technological object that could persist throughout the years, and we chose the best elements and technologies to become another collectors icon, like a vintage watch or a classic car. Eternity is now on the wrist of select Gentlemen.

We are redefining concepts,
mastering tradition and technology,
in a stunning new symbol of wealth.


This is how Maison Armillion understands tradition and legacy

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