Luxury Elevated by Technology

Even taken at its base components, the Armillion bracelet is an engineering wonder of a jewel. Yet to offer the modern man the ultimate in practical luxury we have incorporated state-of-the-art technological advancements into the very fabric of the piece. Welcome to the jewel of the future.

The ultimate technology for security  payment and access on your wrist, with no batteries and no charge required

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contactless payment

Pay with a gesture with the ability to get access limitless to your wealth on the Armillion bracelet, protected by PIN and guaranteed by Mastercard©.

security access

Link your Armillion bracelet to a host of different security systems at home or the office to ensure ease of access. Simply walk up to the door and experience the world unlocking for you alone.

supercar key system

If your car shows your style, shine when opening it and use your Armillion symbol of luxury to unlock and start your performance machine. Performance engineering opening performance engineering.

no batteries, no charge

Rather than having to replace a battery or spending your time in search of a charger, the Armillion Bracelet takes its energy from the very process of contactless communication. It’s not style that’s eternal; in the case of Armillion, it’s power too.


Handcrafted technology in an enginereed concept made by Swiss artisans

Technology also takes an important role in the conception and production of one Armillion, where ultimate engineering processes develop simples shapes by the most complicated material ever.


The challenge of creating with the thoughest materials

To create something unique you need to choose a material that has a natural beauty and master it until you raise it to a concept never made before. Armillion engineers, after years of reasearch and developement, created a combination of elements that bring us a High Tech Ceramic to be machined with ultimate precision to achieve quality in shape, reflection and resistance.


The watch industry as a reference

The precision of "haute horlogerie" is the reference that identifies the signature of our brand. We proudly combine the expertise of one of the most passionate fields in luxury with technology development, bringing tradition to the future in an elegant way.

This is how la maison Armillion understands technological luxury

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